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I Seeking Sex Im attracted to thick girls

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Im attracted to thick girls

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Fuck you for knowing colors like fuchsia, maroon andnot just pink, red and blue. Cute man for lonely girl FWB Heres the plan, you are cute, I'm cute, and I visit every month.

Age: 52
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Ready Sexual Dating
City: Brisbane
Hair: Carnation pink
Relation Type: Sucking Balls And Licking Ass

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I've been with women of all shapes and sizes.

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For some reason I just dig fat chicks. I love their look, I always see to have the best sex with them, and I find them very sexy. This goes against Nature's law.

Why do I feel like this?

Sometimes having sex with a girl of the larger variety can be amazing. They really give it their all. It's tl they aren't just fucking for themselves, they're fucking for every fat chick everywhere.

Fat chicks need love too. I feel the same curse I seem to be attracted to supermodels.

Ribs showing are WELL sexy! Oedipus complex, my Im attracted to thick girls. And stop brandishing your naturalistic fallacy.

It's scaring the children. Raise your emaciated arms if you're with me! KaosAngel is on the prowl. Watch as he sways back and forth trying to get his swagger on to attract the women of plus sizes. It's nothing worry about. I would add to this statement but I think the other comments speak for themselves; no need to repeat. This is quickly becoming one of the most revolting threads I've seen on GB. Everyone has different tastes but come on, discussing your sex habits here is just messed up.

Technically liking skinny chicks is against nature's law, since fat mothers can provide more nutrients to their young during gestation. After industrialization however, most people Im attracted to thick girls enough to eat in westernized countries so nutritional energy is no longer an issue; indeed controlling energy consumption is the Lady wanting sex in Tamo issue which is why skinny or athletic women are deemed more attractive typically.

I'm a thin dude and I can't stand being with thin girls. It's like bathing in coat-hangers. Plus opposites attract and all that.

Im attracted to thick girls

I'm not going to say "it's psychological" or try to say that it's a result of of your upbringing although it might. Some people have like different thic than other people. I love kentucky girls is nothing wrong Im attracted to thick girls liking heavy women or girls. If you like that body shape, you like that body shape, and there's nothing wrong with that, and you shouldn't feel ashamed of it.

I can't explain why I like thin girls myself - I Im attracted to thick girls do. I don't think anyone can explain why you like fat girls - you just do.

And what's the harm? Good leave the hot ones for me. Ancient greeks perfect woman was not skinny, it was actually what tto would consider fat.

How fat are we talking? I like my girls thick, but fat is where things start to smell funny. KaosAngel is a fucking predator. I only like ladies who have some form of emotional damage, so the lot of us are messed up all around!

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A good portion of them give pretty good head too. So have fun and be safe. Also, there's a chance you might find some leftover food hiding somewhere.

I Wanting Horny People

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Computerplayer1 Follow Forum Posts: I feel like I'm using this more and more often but Aronman Follow Forum Posts: Everyone has different tastes.

KaosAngel Follow Forum Posts: I like hot bitches, so we all got our faults. Rockdalf Follow Forum Posts: Jimbo Follow Forum Posts: Any port in a storm, my friend.

Im attracted to thick girls

HypoXenophobia Follow Forum Posts: How does it go against nature's law? Bigger women are better for child bearing. I don't get why this requires a thread.

I am compelled to wear darker clothing, Why? CptChiken Follow Forum Posts: I find I'm most attracted to women who Dalai Follow Forum Posts: The Giant Bomb forum thread generator must be yo.

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Warfare Follow Forum Posts: More cushin for the pushin. I should head out to the bar tonight, and get laid. Im attracted to thick girls Follow Forum Posts: Apathylad Yo Forum Posts: Hey dude, why's that a problem? We need to be less judgemental anyway, so have fun!

Im attracted to thick girls

If they have sex like they mean it, then why the hell not. Thicl a man, I'm fucking for a need. Allprox Follow Forum Posts: Paulrus Follow Forum Posts: I just wish there were situations where I got to choose.

ZeForgotten Follow Forum Posts: You and a billion other people What makes you so special in this case? Geno Follow Forum Posts: Damian Follow Forum Posts: It's like fucking thifk a waterbed on any bed.

I'm attracted to thick chubby girls? | Yahoo Answers

I was not aware fat chicks were off-limits according to 'Nature's Law'. Also, you must make fat chicks feel like shit, being all "I'm attracted to you, but I sure as hell don't know why, I mean, you're fat!

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It's like they have sex just to spite their dad, it might be wrong The girls sitting alone tend to be the girls you end up being great friends with, and the ones you respect.

Im attracted to thick girls Follow Forum Posts: AjayRaz Follow Forum Posts: I get it, Ahab. It's also about how that relationship is Free phone sex chat Luskintyre through into adult sexuality.

In my theory, 'fat chicks' assume a dominant mother role that this thread's author, having reached manhood, is seeking Im attracted to thick girls a replacement for his now inaccessible, physically taboo mother.

And in spite of myself, I have to agree. This thread is objectionable. How does fat chick equal mother figure?

Most guys just like breasts and ass, which a lot of bigger chicks have in spades. Oldirtybearon Follow Forum Posts: Is this the face of a Predator? LaszloKovacs Follow Forum Posts: That's just what you like, I guess. To quote Adam Carolla, enjoy.