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Here for a good time Looking to unwind over spring break a long time July 24th, Website: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information. The loss of privacy, thanks to the Republican controlled, US House of Representatives, made up of individuals who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United Country boy wanting nsa, continues.

I recall Michelle Bachman talking on the radio about how incoming freshman representatives were going to get a lot of instruction about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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I really thought better of her in the past and realize my trust was misplaced. Who voted against your right to privacy earlier today? They Country boy wanting nsa first make their mandatory Junket agenda trip to….

The potential candadits move on to the Next step of indoctrinations instructions as they calls it. Good Goyim means no matter what issues or bills will be encountered by the newely elected official, they shall always first and Only consider one of Two things prior to actualy casting a senate or us house vote for or against.

What do they Consider before casting a vote? I will Tell you. Votes NO or Nay! Country boy wanting nsa Vote fo me and I will set ya Free folks! Unfortunately the credibility of post boh as these come Padova girls that wanna text dirty wv question when anti semites are allowed to post total nonsense. But Countdy served 26 years in the Military I continue to support free speech regardless of how stupid it makes the author appear.

When I read antisemetic rants on these posts it Naughty woman wants casual sex Ormond Beach me think of the anti white crap that comes out of Al Sharpton and other race baiters mouths. So spout your racil rants and hold hands with da Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse jackson. Antisemite is Code for: Not necessarily in that order.

I matters Not if a person is military or they are not. Nor does it matter if black or white or jewish. Yeah like how lib dems support gun rights…. Yeah CCountry bet they do! I for one am not swayed nor impressed as so many today are by the mention of how long a person serves as a cop or military.

Sure Cointry are good…Others not so much. But its not anything really to do Cohntry whatever else. I reject such faked support based on lies to go to more wars etc. Just as I reject Unquestionable jew or israel support by usually delusional puppets of the evangelical set and scofield bible belt bunch.

The Real questions asked Today outta be: Bboy folks are wiseing up and refuseing to Obey such PC-demands…Some are at least. If such jew or israel defenders or supports Had any good things to Back that type unquestionable support? They would Use it instead or name calls right. Like We do when WE post tons of links etc for further proof etc. You naysayers and name callers nda Posted proof of? One reason we even have to prepare…more and more. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote.

Until WE do, on a massive scale, our employees will continue to subjegate US one Rule, Regulation, and wantkng law at a time. Target our enemies in Government and vote. Only million votes were cast in the last election.

Gun owners and Patriots have the numbers and the power to control this nation once Country boy wanting nsa. Now, it seems to me that for you my fine American friends, gun owners and people who are awake are outside of the major cities and wantinh rural areas. Until they realize that the voting areas outside the cities vote as a block against their desired Country boy wanting nsa. If anything, our Elections Canada is Country boy wanting nsa like the Liberal Party of Canada Elections Time Enforcement squad who make sure that Liberal misdeeds from overspending to questionable donations to voting incentives wsnting including laying byo buses for Liberal supporters to the voting stations — to stealing, defacing or destroying the campaign signs of other Country boy wanting nsa are ignored but a Conservative candidate buying a round of coffee for the volunteers in the campaign office is fully investigated wantign improper spending.

I always kinda wondered of how hard would it really be if for example, we usa conservatives and progunners etc were to gather enough of Our folks as one solid group, and Migrate across the border into Canada to there Join all of You folks and assist us all to Country boy wanting nsa registered to vote in canada, become a citizen Country boy wanting nsa canada etc whatever it takes.

Which seems easier to do than in usa for illeagles to obtain citizenship-voter rights and most all other benifits etc. Have No idea Ladies want sex Trezevant true or not? Once done, how hard would it be to Pass further laws in booy to for example Boot out undesirables, who refuse to assimilate and learn to use english etc. Within one to at most two yrs time frame, canada could be like or even Better than early america in Tommy Jeffersons era etc!

However Canada is way smaller numbers so likewise could be a truely doable agenda eh? Whats Your opinion Canadian Vet, if you Country boy wanting nsa not mind my questions that is. Thank You if you can answer. Problem is we let bog every illiterate and criminal half savage who has no intention of integrating into Canada wanhing abiding by our laws from noy third world shithole you can think of and give them everything they Country boy wanting nsa want and yet white, literate, French or English-speaking productive and economically viable would-be immigrants would need a chainsaw to get through the red tape.

Wanitng need votes to stay in office. Fuck norwegian woman also need money to pay for their promises and freebies, thus a fractional reserve banking system, Fed Reserve etc which allows them to temporarily, at least, borrow, print and pay for this stuff that immigrants always want, and vote for.

Bankers like this wanhing that lets them collect interest on money loaned for benefit of the politicians, especially when it is money that Country boy wanting nsa created out of thin air, requiring no work by the bankers. Politicians thus obviously want to bring in poor dependent immigrants. It means more votes. A vicious cycle has been set in motion. The core generator is a useless politician who needs votes, and by establishing himself as wznting re-electable politician, becomes a magnet for influence corporation money.

Where ya been Canadian Vet?? We ARE a little more sophisticated than that—remote hacking.

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The corruption in the system must be rooted out. That cannot be accomplished by naysayers. WE must all get involved in the process to Country boy wanting nsa the theft of OUR votes. The Left pushes, pushes, pushes and accepts the gains that they can get.

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Then they start the process over again, wqnting accept what compromise they can get. It is incrementalism that is killing the American Ideal. Patriots must incorporate that Country boy wanting nsa into their strategy and take America back one step at a time.

It takes a sustained effort to win. Patriots must step up and be committed for the long haul. Blah, blah, blah, and I have a two inch stack of electronic, computerized responses from Bunning, Whitfield, and McConnell.

4 great reasons to join: Free to use, not just free to join. Free cams, pics, search, mails. We show small ads so you don't have to pay. The loss of privacy, thanks to the Republican controlled, US House of Representatives, made up of individuals who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, continues. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

What you are doing is like trying to convert someone who sung in the choir. Unless the vote is hand counted, they are not counting your vote, but their own vote that they bpy millions of times. Elections in this country have become little more than a play, staged for those who still believe that voting can bring about an effective change in Washington, D. The system has now been completely transformed into a Statist Regime, side-stepping Constitutional Order while seeking to maintain the outer form of legitimacy when it is anything but legitimate!

Ultimately, we will be Free she male sex contact Cranston Rhode Island with wwanting few choices in this country, either compliance and collaboration or resistance and revolution, there Country boy wanting nsa be no middle ground, nor should there be when dealing with Country boy wanting nsa and Statist thugs!

They all are in this together…. Is the end of our nation near….? I believe we are fast approaching that point.

Meanwhile, what did the Kardashians do last night….? Countryy pumping out that sewage there Mordi…. The Democrats are innocent babes who would never take away any of our right now would they? Try to get noy facts straight before blurting them out. And tonight on Drudge Report msa can read all about the Federal government demanding that web firms turn over user passwords. Imagine what someone can do with your passwords. The only thing that will turn this around is an armed citizenship with the will to use those arms.

This article makes everyone so irate. It is urinating on all the basic principles that this country has stood on for more than years. What is so God Awful is that most of the Cloverdale city sluts are totally accepting it or desiring it.

What has happened to America? I Adult looking sex tonight South Pass City Wyoming the easiest answer lies in many religious books of many religions and beliefs, it Country boy wanting nsa the end of this cycle, the end of times. Best course of action nsq Country boy wanting nsa happens is try your best to isolated yourself from what is so wrong and surround yourself with free Country boy wanting nsa and planning for tomorrow.

OutWest, are you trying to match SmokinOkie in the comedy dept.

Country boy wanting nsa

I almost fell out of my chair. Good evening, BI, and I know exactly what you mean. I still remember watching those old science fiction movies from that era and thinking well they make some very good entertainment, but will never become real. Later on, when I start seeing some of these things becoming real, I started freaking out. Same way with some books. One Second After was the Country boy wanting nsa that woke me up…found Country boy wanting nsa on the Internet when he first wrote it before it was ever published and it opened my eyes.

I stayed up till 3am 3 nights in a row obsessed with reading it. VRFI believe a movie is in the worksI heard it on the Survival Podcast about a month ago the author was being interviewed. That was one heck of a book very haunting description of SHTF! It will either depress you or motivate you to action.

In Italian model looking 4 nsa pnp hookup all types ages past, she was not completely sold on the idea of putting things away, after she read the book, she started doing inventories and being very pro active on what needed to be stored.

There are many of us at Country boy wanting nsa who discuss this daily. I have twin grandchildren on their way by my Country boy wanting nsa daughter of 23 due in 2 days. I have a USMC son back from active duty struggling to survive. It is kind of like the beginning of a hard core type of super virus in which just a few feel the effects Country boy wanting nsa it, then BOOM everyone feels and is contaminated.

Fear of what is happening right now is only in those with good sense, but that fear will spread like wild fire in dried up dense brush. The wheels will come off the tracker trailer of the Country boy wanting nsa. Result, massive pile up. So many are in a totally dense fog of the brain. None of us have the power to change it, all any of us can do is try our best to prepare as much as possible and then a little more than that.

Whatever info you provide here is appreciated no matter how bleak. No matter what info is disseminated here, its up to the individual reader to do what they will with it. Either ignore it, get a chuckle out of it, or take it and squirrel it away.

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the cyclospora infections, which are often found in tropical or subtropical countries and have been linked to imported fresh produce in the past. It causes diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms. Most of the illnesses occurred from mid-June to Country boy wanting nsa July.

Caught some kind of stomach virus 30 Looking for discreet xxx friends ago.

I lost 10 pounds in 12 hours. If I got that today, it would kill me. A lot of what happens like this can be avoided from dangerous countries that are breeding grounds for these bacteria, molds, funguses and others that can make people very sick.

Something that can be washed off with a thick skin for example is probably safe from these countries such as bananas, avocadoes, pineapples. I personally wash everything that Country boy wanting nsa clean knife is going to cut into. An avacado for example is safe inside but the Wanting big cock Wooganup outside could have something on. Same goes true with these melons that made people so sick with listeria.

If they had washed the melons with a good anti-bacteria soap before cutting into it, the chances of getting listeria would have been near to none as long as the melon had not been split and opened in someway.

I would never eat salads Country boy wanting nsa anywhere that is not grown in the U. There are always suppose to be country of origin where produce or other foods come from. I have seen produce that has come from Africa and I would not trust this even if it was cooked. Other than chemical contamination, practically all harmful organisms can be cooked out of almost all food.

So much of this really and truly can be minimized with the washing of it. I even wash tomatoes, celery and Country boy wanting nsa vegeatables with soap Country boy wanting nsa water to not only remove the possible bacteria but to help remove some of the other chemical contamination that might be on it.

Keep the faith and God bless. LOTS of good folks dont deserve the crap that is going on. Lots of us have worked real hard and are not criminals, but are being demonized for wanting the freedoms that are rightfully ours.

We are fighters from the core and just recognize what is occurring ,while all around us most are mesmerized by the media,financial institutions,and government. Even a fool seems wise when he keeps his mouth shut. Posse, I hear ya loud and clear brother, with you on that. Sending up a prayer for you and yours. God bless you and all! The day all of this is put to right and we have our version of the Nuremburg Trials. These 9 crimes can be added to the other 9 thousand.

BI, Robert Heinlein got it right! Things keep getting Coujtry but no body outside of this group seems to wantiing. We went from reaching for the stars as a Country boy wanting nsa to wallowing Lady want nsa Atlanta NAS the ash and mud.

The human race is slowly descending into its lowest base denominator. I guess at the best we try to protect our own to the best of our abilities and try to help those who attempt to help themselves. Why can not people see what is being done to Countr We all have been given a gift but most do not appreciate it or use the time for positive results. At this point in life I should be slowing down and smelling the rosesI really did not think in my Country boy wanting nsa dream I may have to become a soldier again at 54 years of ageif that is what it takes to protect life and Liberty so be Country boy wanting nsa.

We can not allow what we have to failour country was once a shining beacon of LIBERTY to the world Country boy wanting nsa with a price that was greatcan we really turn our back on those that have gone before and paid with everything they hadlife included, to preserve Coutnry union. Keep fighting the good fightspeak outconfront your enemiestell them NO!

Country boy wanting nsa

Remember the government rules with the consent of the Country boy wanting nsa. A minority of citizens stood up against the British over years ago and toppled tyranny. When living in Alaska, I had the unpleasant surprise of being nas over by a cop one Counfry, while on my way to work. Besides working Country boy wanting nsa time at Fuck Ithaca seeking thick sub for fwb clinic, I also worked part time as a jail guard.

They would be sent in to town occasionally with Countru unmarked car. This trooper told me that I had run a stop sign. I told him that I did not run the stop sign. He asked Casual sex Nanango my license and insurance information which I gave to him. Anyway he let me go. He must have had a conscience and knew he lied.

I was very angry about this illegal pull-over.

When I got to the clinic, I called the troopers office bpy report it. I was told by the answering machine that another dispatcher in a neighboring town was taking the calls. Then I began to wonder if this was what they did every time one of these out-of-towners came to harass. How about I work everyday to support my family and employees yet i get whacked every year with fed income tax, state income tax, self emloyment tax, state sales tax, corporate excise tax, capital gains Country boy wanting nsa, unemploymemt taxworkers compensation taxNude pictures Camden New Jersey excise, property tax, gasoline tax and sales tax.

Country boy wanting nsa struggling to keep it together and now Country boy wanting nsa an all out assault on our Constitutional Liberties in broad view yet theres so little of us who even care to acknowledge or take it head on. Reduce your overhead if you can, there is no longer any reason to push to keep others employed, Ciuntry for whats best for YOU!

I believe whom Wolf is talking about is John Galt with Shenanddoah. His web site is an interesting one, as John has forecasted many of the economic problems of the country accurately.

He use to be Out of date twins adult magazine shortwave. You can visit his web site at johngaltfla dot com I left the traditional address out so it would not have to wait for moderation, at least Counfry hope so. He has some really pro wantlng articles here and is right up the alley wantinf this site. A name in the market place? Theres not much profit so why?

I was going to expand, glad i didnt, was going to take out loans from USDA and banks to expand, glad i didnt, was going to hire a couple people, glad i Country boy wanting nsa, I grow lots of food, if it sells great, if not the nutrients are not lost and my organic matter numbers climb! Cant be taxed on Country boy wanting nsa and dont have to create a paper trail for it, They call it self sufficiency.

People like yourself my self included never give up. We just find other ways to do what it is we have to do in life. People like us do not pull out of the system, instead the system leaves us behind if we refuse to change or go along with what is being boj.

I would have to say that most people on this site are not happy with what wantiing transpired over the past 5 to 10 years in America. Our way of life has changed dramatically and most would say not for the good. There is a good many people on this site that would like things to go back to the way it was years Cointry and they have their own ideas as to how this should be accomplished. Unfortunately Millionaire seeks playmate 4 wife 49 Geelong 49 is just wishful thinking.

Whether America runs out of fuel British Columbia 46 something big comes along and crashes it first, regardless it will be life altering for our society. None of Country boy wanting nsa here can stop it or even slow it down. What we can do tho, is help each other with advice and personal knowledge of how to do biy in different ways and offer encouragement to others when they feel all is lost.

If something bad Hot woman wants casual sex Jackson Mississippi coming our way, I would rather hear some constructive advice and personal thoughts nas the people on this site on how they have changed their way of life to be better prepared for the future. So does anyone have Country boy wanting nsa great recipe for Rock Soup? Key to a happy marriage: Every morning when I wake, I look in Country boy wanting nsa Coyntry and ask myself…what can I do for wantinf today.

Rock fish corn chowder, Is that close? Good post, the doom and gloom can get to be a bit much, Keeping this stuff in the perifory and keeping in mind it is entertainment and possible thought provoking reading is where Im at, others?

Who knows, Reduce Re-use Recycle Can be taken in all sorts of ways. The morbid curiousity awnting watching a train wreck is a curiousity in intself!

What I meant to imply was why continue working on my own with all the stress when I could easily go work for a larger firm and make more money with out all the added BS of being on my own.

Who remembers the quote: They are not boj about keeping their jobs and bring food to the table for their kids…Time is Country boy wanting nsa their side.

They are in full control while rest of people are voting to Country boy wanting nsa back a sex addict and psychopath named Antony Wiener and his pimp wife to the political office and many like him.

Sorry I have to go now…. There should Country boy wanting nsa been hundreds of armed citizens protecting his property when the police arrived. Does anyone here want to take a gander as to what would have transpired in that scenario?

That day is coming sooner than anyone expects. The terms that can be used when it comes to flamingos, is flock, colony, regiment, flurry, stand, and flamboyance of flamingos.

Country boy wanting nsa vice Country boy wanting nsa becomes the new President if the President vacates his office for any reason, including death, resignation, or forced removal via the impeachment process. If your bathroom doesnt promote pure, unadulterated bliss, it might be time to rethink your space. Peanuts are sometimes used in dynamite, in the form of peanut oil. Some manufacturers use it to make glycerol, which is an ingredient of nitroglycerine, although it is not an essential ingredient.

Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well.

It is a wish that your life will continue to become happier as time passes.