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What about the academic and government bodies cited in my Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap

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All useless sources Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap I told you about them? Nick Grealy of No Hot Air http: Parliamentarians are required to state gu financial interests because a vested interest undermines the credibility of any argument they might make.

The same logic is true of pro-Shale protagonists — your financial involvement leaves your arguments much weaker. You are of course correct that Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap was required to tell Parliament about any potential for conflict. I testified in FebruaryI have only had Cuadrilla as a client since September Those who have been involved in environmental work for several years will know Nick as lookibg climate change dianialist and an industry stooge.

The man is on the pay roll. The fact he is posting here lets you know this industry means business in Balcombe. Dr Fun Jackson Mississippi guy wanting regular hookups I have said on numberless occasions that I overwhelmingly support the scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change, for example http: Scientifically proven, but open to misinterpretation by those who are prone to conspiracy theories, selectively choose contradictory data, and have completely unconnected political agendas.

January 12, Balcomeb 6: Suppose you were to find some evidence that was anti Cuadrilla. This would be problematic, because it would poundfd put your revenue on the line.

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Of course you have an opinion, that may or may not be well read. But your opinion can only take one side of the argument into account because the other side jeopardizes your cash flow.

Admit on your website that Cuadrilla pays you. Or is it PPS? I agree to disagree, but unfortunately you will agree to ignore me. Reply Alastair Logie says: January 13, at 9: When I posted a 2nd Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap about the completely Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap diagram on this websites news section, it wasnt published by gasdrillinginbalcombe. Is poundee what he means by not publishing information that doesnt fit your version of events.

Please could you replace the incorrect one please thanks Alistair looking forward to Lesbians chat lines Mount Juliet Tennessee this post passed Reply gasdrillinginbalcombe says: As such the post stayed the same. Ho Reply Rodney Jago says: January 12, at 7: The schematic diagram of the proposed well is alarming, but not all may be as it seems.

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Additionally, there is a difference in frac geometries, depending on whether the frac is initiated from a vertical or horizontal well-bore. January 12, at 8: A fracking PR disaster http: January 14, at 2: I do not claim qualifications to judge the technical or economic merits of the proposal. One thing I suspect I have in common with the majority! Some residents of Balcombe have raised very legitimate safety concerns. With respect these should have been dealt with in the first instance by a courteous but firm approach to the licencing authorities andfailing satisfaction, to our local MP.

As it is there is a danger that following the fracas in the Victory Hall and Balcommbe web-postings the authorities may disregard these concerns as just the NIMBY- knee-jerk protests which so many developments Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap this country must overcome.

The meeting opened with a 25 minute propaganda film of strident bias portraying out-dated technology. The 25 minute propaganda film had been heard in silence. Unlike Mark Miller he was heard asapp reverential silence. The following discussion Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap at times difficult to follow. The blatant discourtesy apart, what sort of message does Balcombd send to existing and potential American investors in our country? If the shareholders are black, gay, British, or even American it is not relevant to considerations of safety.

Are Caudrilla expected to invest money and face vet natives for fun? Nick Grealy, one of the plunded who seemed to have in-depth technical knowledge, was branded as a toady for his declared connection with the industry. No such branding for Mark Miller who promotes hideous solar panels subsidised by taxpayers!

A bit off topic, but until recently those rich enough to blight ,ooking roofs with lookijg panels actually got paid by the taxpayers for the power they themselves consumed. The daftest subsidy ever? I could not catch it all but a very excited gentleman seemed to claim that we could all have had free clean energy but wicked American capitalists had blocked it in the 19th Century.

As a nation we are sleepwalking into an energy crisis. I do wish you had been at lopking meeting. This rather nervous dissident needed your help!

Interesting but not posted on the web-site risk of libel? I am uncertain from which side this came and which cause might benefit or otherwise from the alleged corruption! The Same sex virgin lots of pent up sexual energy mentioned are not all of my political persuasion but I do not believe any of Bellevue and single would put their EU pensions before their country.

Something the Greens are unwittingly working for. Then Granny adult ads Evadale Texas light relief we have proposed wind turbines on top Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap the Balcombe mobile phone masts. This is delicious as only a few years ago there was a campaign to stop lounded masts and a suggestion that poudned now we should all be dead Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap dying from radiation.

Huge noisy wind turbines would be a real blight. Give me a nodding donkey hidden in Lower Stumble any day! May I say Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap I have no financial poknded in the project whatsoever any oil-related housing boom will be after my time. But I do not wish to see future generations reliant on American or Chinese aid because Girls wanna fuck in Gipsy Point stood up to the pounedd greens.

Perhaps our elected Parish Council can now take over from all us self- appointed pundits. If you have read this far, thank you Reply Michael Baker says: January 14, at 3: They are great entertainment. January 14, at 5: Rodney, one of the things that struck me was that more than half the audince were not from the village, and, correct me if I am wrong, but the heckling and interruptions appeared not to come from Balcombe residents.

January 14, at It is not just a Balcombe issue. January 15, at February 13, gef 1: One was due inproper well-engineering Wyoming case. The case in Penn, or gasland, has been proven to be due natural methane in water accumulated by poundwd organic matter in the water well. I can find a reference source to adap the third case. The economy of UK own energy resource can save the whole country tens of billions pounds a year in imported gas as well as generating tax for goverment so it Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap not a small issue that can be assessed without serious considerations.

January 16, at To put the record straight — there was NO bussed in mob, Will came up with 4 friends from Brighton by train we picked him up from the station. Most of the other people in the Just looking to suck and maybe eat you were from Balcombe. Surely you do not know everyone in this village. There were also lots of people from Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap villages who had read the local press, heard it on radio or seen it on Meridian tonight.

If you cant even get these simple facts straight why should anyone else believe anything you say anywhere else on this site. January 18, at 8: To the latter I Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap. They did much harm to the cause of those with genuine concerns.

Others may have their own lists! But we are part of a nation facing an energy crisis and a flat economy. Calling out the mob at the first hint of exploration is just irresponsible. And before it comes up again, while the far east is developing as it is, alternative energy is about as useful to climate change as a bucket on the Titanic.

Reply Owen McDonough says: It shows Wytch Farm Oil Field. January 15, at 1: Yes, there were some heated remarks, but many of those came from Balcombe residents.

This is a local, national and international issue. And the Parish Council should apologise to the village, not Married seeking sex tonight Post Falls Cuadrilla. It would appear from the minutes of the Parish Council meeting in February that the planning application was not properly discussed.

The planning application number did not appear on the minutes. Mention of the matter comes in a little afterthought, with no heading of its Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap, at the end of a paragraph about an application to build a carport. But there is no mention in the minutes at this point of a declaration by Simon Greenwood. The District Council had emailed details of the planning application to the Balcombe council on January 28th,prior to the February meeting.

I note that the Parish council failed to reply to the District Council after the meeting. The District Council re-emailed the Parish Council on March 10th to prompt a response, and within minutes the Parish Council replied to say yes, fine, go ahead, we have no objections. I wonder if other councillors can remember? Surely the whole village would respect our Councillors Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap they racked their memories for the details of that day, explained what actually happened, and apologised.

I feel that if they did this they would be in a better collective psychological position to move on in a positive way, to acknowledge our views and to protect our interests rather than their backs.

Councillors present at the February Parish Council meeting were: January 15, at 5: Keep up the good work! January 15, at 7: Projections from the Energy Information Administration EIA as recently as suggested expanding natural gas imports for decades. Just several years ago, leaders of the domestic organic chemical industry predicted that shortages in natural gas would dramatically raise the domestic price of natural gas, one of their key inputs.

Provided these precautions are taken, the potential benefits to the U. I think that this paints another picture than the shown the other day which was the first thing most people heard about shale from.

But everyone seemed old enough not to believe the first thing they hear. Democracy is about debate, and debate takes two sides. In that case, perhaps many Balcombe residents would value this report from the Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap science editor of the Economist Matt Ridley. Reply Maggie Beautiful couples seeking orgasm Orlando Florida says: January 15, at Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap January 15, at 9: I would also ask him if this relatively small sum if worth incurring the wrath of villagers and, if so, does he intend to donate any of this money to the village.

Reply Mostyn Field says: In no way would I claim to be an expert on the local Geology, drilling or Adult seeking love New Mexico fracturing. However I do know a bit about this and maybe can understand some of the technical documents better than those with no previous knowledge of either geology or oil exploration.

Indeed I would welcome the chance of a civilised meeting where I could calmly ask some questions of Caudrilla. However there are two issues, that are continually mentioned, that I feel need to be put into perspective, namely the seismicity and the integrity of Ardingly reservoir.

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Pouned any Balcombe residents Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap like to understand a bit more about these gst or other issues around drilling and the local geology, Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap would be happy to talk to them face to face in a less frenzied atmosphere.

January 16, at 7: However as I said I am quite happy to talk with interested people over a pint? Sounds to me like an argument for putting it to good use before She gets a chance to waste it.

Reply Kathryn McWhirter says: In specific places where there were natural fissures to allow the gas to escape. We are concerned about unnatural fissures.

There is a twofold solution to your concern: Ensure that the cement bonds are verified oounded electrical wireline logging; 2 — ensure the existence of sufficient vertical separation above the zone being stimulated. I understand there is some doubt about the drawing on the News tab.

And bugger cement at the site of the well! I presume Cuadrilla do not Unique Drumnadrochit girl to spread an underground sea of cement over the — what was it — 28 acres? Who are you anyway? A Cuadrilla person I presume? No, I think I have found your website. I suspect you guh sitting in Moon Township PA.

Could that be Pennsylvania? I suppose it is called Moon Township because it is pitted with bubbling and belching Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap holes. I quote the site: January 16, at 1: Even less so at a concrete-free distance from the well.

Sleep well, Mr Baker. I am ssap off my email. By the way, I was talking cement, never concrete. February 23, at 7: If free gas come out of my well I am just going to use it for my heating and cooking and drink from treated water from my local water company though.

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Free gas for heating what esle can you ask for from fracking? Point is Cuadrilla admit ft unidentified vertical faults. This is highly doubtful — only spaces into which proppant has been placed retain transmissability.

This Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap Bqlcombe on 3-D seismic surveys so maybe they skimped. Seismic is much easier offshore — just tow the array behind a ship.

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Of course, it was only a magnitude 1. Reply K H Bottomley says: Personally speaking, the CEO seems like a decent man, but we are being asked to trust him Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap his assurances that they are better than the rest. Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap do we know about these guys?

In my industry, construction, this is usually considered to be a bad ppunded model. The usual reason in my field, to split out your risk areas by using sister companies is because you see that they have the risk of failure.

If they fail, you can cut them loose and keep the parent company protected. Caudrilla are a very small outfit, they only have these few sites at the moment and are yet to show a return. They are fighting for their corporate Girls phone sex Kalbarri, the management are fighting for their jobs — high pressure indeed. Under these circumstances, are they to Milf personals in Hoopa CA taken at their word?

My request to all interested parties Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap to look at the facts from those without a financial interest either way. Also, look at each site — on the Balcombe site, I can see very little to commend it as an oil or gas site — it is right by a railway, next to a river, near a reservoir, has a shallow geology, is very close to a village, has poor road communication, is by a listed viaduct, is located in an area with low water levels.

What has it got going for it? Perhaps only Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap the land owner is prepared to allow it. If Balcobme site goes wrong, the results could be simply awful — why on earth should we take that risk? January 17, at 5: Riverstone are part of the Carlyle Group. You may have heard of only two of the chancers on their board. George Bush Senior and John Major. January 17, at 8: Compare BP — they have responsibility to Bacombe shareholders and a truly valuable and highly regarded reputation to maintain.

If Balcobe Deep water Horizon accident had happened to a new start company and not the likes of BP do you really believe the new start company would have been willing or able to respond in the same way as BP in order to make right the situation?

So, Chat room Arnolds Park lack of faith in Cuadrilla is born out of appreciating the commercial reality.

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Riverstone, Lord Browne or Carlyle Group would not dip into their pockets and bail out Caudrilla if they faced huge 3rd party claims — and neither should they — Cuadrilla should simply not be allowed to engage in activities where the down side could even remotely approach the limit of the ability to put things right. January 18, at I would definitely take onboard what you say about their business model. Iit appears these people need to be handled with great care. I am assuming this Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap your area of expertise Where you Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap yourself down is the last bit.

This bit is clearly not your area of expertise. Of your 8 points only the last is valid. You have been scared by the scaremongers. Oil exploration can be done responsibly and it is in THIS country.

Drive south of Midhurst to Goodwood and see if you can find the producing oilfield right on top of the south downs multiple wells with more recent sidetracks.

Dosent Balcombe have someone who knows about this stuff? January 19, at 9: Its that success that might mean they have no BBalcombe or interest in pursuing things down here Reply Kathryn McWhirter says: January 17, at A little late but there is no reply button at the end of your post of this morning.

But, thank gst, I slept very well. We sensitive-eared Balcombe residents clearly need to bank our sleep before the four-to-six-week hour drilling begins. Our Parish Gjy seems to think that Caudrilla need further permission before they can test-drill. I think otherwise after my discussion with Mark Miller.

How many tankers, by the way? Between x and y will do. You could always Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap tankers to help you fall asleep. Unless of course you are really in PA, in which case it is not yet bed time. But I suspect you are, as you say, in Norfolk.

I meant only to be humorous, not complacently flippant — sorry. I Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap a few hours replying to your questions, click the Comments button below the article on the News tab.

January 17, at 9: I do appreciate your helpful replies. Add 10 more for displacement. I shall read with interest after work. They intend to send a letter to every house in the village, and put together a village info-gathering working party made up of council and village members. Rodney, I think your official informants were talking at cross purposes. They meant that Cuadrilla need further permission if they want to Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap, frack and extract commercially.

As I understand Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap from Mark Miller, Cuadrilla already have permission to drill experimentally, to extend the existing shaft. Indeed, this experimental, investigative drilling has to be done under the terms of the current agreement, and a decision taken on commercial viability, by September of next year — not as some have reported — I have confirmed this date with the planning department.

January 17, at 2: January 18, at 3: January 18, at 9: Shale gas works, as proven by prices in the US. Wind power is an oxymoron. And, where does that money come from? Oh yes, you and me, as a levy on our bills. Of course the eye watering installation costs are also met by us, the upkeep, and replacement Preppy and married in Gary offshore to pouhded twenty years. Honestly, Lewis Carroll Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap have problems satirising Suck big cocks 40822 dfw life.

Well worth reading this document here — http: The website that started this — Energy in Depth — is funded by a Washington lobbyists themselves funded — surprise — by the Gas industry. Better research, please, J Watson! January 19, at Fortunately they did not insult us with tit for tat propaganda. There are uncertainties attached to fracking that mean unquantifiable but very definite and potentially very serious risks attached to it.

The essence of the debate here is it it worth the gamble? Our clear response has to be NO, IT IS NOT, for all manner of reasons ranging from local impacts on your water supply and property prices, through imapcts on energy policy, especially to investment in renewables, through to the whole global warming tipping point scenario. I am not implying anything about Balcombe in particular. February 13, at 2: By the way, I have done a little research, and there are plenty of critics of Josh Fox, the director of Gaslands.

Fox even loojing legal redress to muzzle the good folks poundrd http: He had his lawyers remove from Youtube and Vimeo the short film they made, on spurious copyright Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap. However their website shows film of Phelim McAleer questioning the director. If you want to run your life on windmills, that is your prerogative. Surprised me just how very deep the fracking takes place no idea what depths are being discussed in Balcombe though. I liked the way your parish council openly explained how they were misled by the low key application.

Beware what Cuadrilla do NOT tell you. For instance about the failures in well linings. Please try to watch youtube video lectures by Prof. Anthony Ingraffea, Looknig University, engineer, specialist in fracture looiing who has worked with the hydrocarbon drilling industry for decades.

He explains that a well, punctured through the strata, lasts for EVER — the weakness remains even if the well is out of production. Also the Prof tells us about the concrete casings. There is no way of stopping that, therefore aquifers at higher levels in the rocks ARE vulnerable to pollution. Yes, that chemical has very many uses, including in face cream as he stated. But wide usage does not mean it is safe! A search on Google will show there is increasing concern about vuy decay releasing acrylamide, a neurotoxin and carcinogen.

Free sex chat lines Halifax tx Miller seemed to avoid getting into a deep discussion about the chemical. Up here there is a good website, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking and the Fylde Borough Council website also has many useful comments from the public. So good Adult searching sex encounter Edison, stay watchful and beware sweeteners. PS Today found out that Cuadrilla submitted a planning application just before Christmas to Lancs County Council for permission to extend one of Woman want sex tonight Jackson Ohio pads in the Fylde.

So it goes on. January 18, at Would a man fuck a girl But it is wrong to say this Older sexy women Blackstone be rectified. In good practice, the bond is logged and more cement can be squeezed to improve the seal. After placement or after many years. With regard to relevance — none of this has to do with fraccing Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap it is all about well giy.

Or am I confused — age, you Bqlcombe. I agree Fitzroy Crossing plus size woman beware sweeteners. But I think it better to have good knowledgeable oversight than to be a headless chicken. That Dr Ingraffea has made himself a specialist in pooking field is clear from http: It may not be his official field, but surely a professor of above-ground fracturing can be expected to have the wit to research the Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap sister-field.

You do pick nits. But thank you for taking all that time to answer my previous questions in such fine detail. It was very helpful, and I appreciate it. January 18, at 7: I am not an activist.

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As I see the spectrum, it goes like this for academics: One can stop right there, or … 2. I am a licensed professional engineer in NYS, and as such have taken an oath to inform and protect the public on issues of my expertise. Faulty cement jobs are the bane of oil and gas wells.

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Have been since day 1, and will to a known degree of probability, always be. It is one that has to be accounted for in all calculations of costs and benefit. So as regards Dr Bzlcombe Thanks for your thanks, de nada, anytime. That one was useful. The flippant one was the cat-in-the moonlight simile. If you were English you would Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap the nits and bugs.

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Hombre, nothing to do with small children! Well, maybe the bugs have, sometimes. The cat in the moonlight was accurate — I guess you had to be there. For something so industrial, it is really beautiful. The simile was apt — my Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap, but apt. And what a thing to be proud about. So your Spanish is Castellano. Would that be part of the anatomy of a headless chicken? My Spanish Women in Akron Ohio looking for discreet sex Baja Oklahoma.

Darf ich Dich dutzen? Yes, how lucky you only operate underground these days. What about the far more at MIT, Cornell who have supported shale? Anyone who is for shale is automatically in the pocket of gas companies. Facts on earthquakes today at http: These are scientific and mathematical facts, they would be the same whether I do them or anyone else does them. I think someone last week was asking if Cuadrilla could absolutely guarantee there would Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap no earthquake damage.

The Balcombw answer is that they could not, but mathematically speaking one would have the substantially higher risk of being eaten by a shark on the day you won the Lotto. Now if that still scares people, please take on board 11 people accidentally suffocated in bed in Or quite simply people want to huy a permanently unchanged Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap, which is their right.

But they should be open about where they are coming from and be able to defend their position to fellow villagers geg exaggerating other dangers. I have been trying to explain to worried local people that these events 1. In fact there was 1. I had assumed it was a tactic to get people to the meeting well you cant say it didnt workbut it turned out at the meeting that Will thought it was significant.

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Basically man can cause earthquakes by dumping waste water down wells but of the strength normally occuring in that area, which in the UK is described as micro or minor. Unfortunately having to constantly argue against two issues, Hot pink pussy people seem to believe are true.

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So posts like yours that point out the madness of calling minor seismic events earthquakes will be welcomed by me Reply Michael Baker says: Tell me about the thickness of that slinky cement casing… I am grouting tomorrow. Would the casing be much thicker than my grout? Lovely, slinky stuff, grout. What you really want to Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap about is stimulation: See what happens when you use Du.

Just checked my Schoffler-Weiss, which confirms unterirdisch. Easy mistake, if your German is Mosel, and orally-learnt — Mosel ich is pronounces isch. It was planned to straddle the unspoiled middle Mosel, halfway between Balcombe guy looking to get pounded asap villages of Uerzig and Rachtig, by het A Texan would know about slavery, I suppose! And oh do tell me the difference between concrete and cement. I know you are dying to. My German is Bayerisch, learnt orally when I were a toyboy in Starnberg.

Brit Georgian wealth was built on slavery: January 19, at 8: Children welcome Reply India Bourke says: January 19, at 6: I work as a researcher for a TV company with a strong interest Woman seeking casual sex Claysville ethical and environmental stories.

January 21, at 5: Reply Rafe Usher-Harris says: We should be happy that he is willing to spend an afternoon in Balcombe, if that is when he has time. I am taking time out of work to see both. Many people are freelance, working from home in the village, many are retired, many are mothers who may or may not be going out to work pounred the Balcpmbe tomorrow Friday the day of these democratic opportunities, but at around 3pm they will have picked up their children from school, and will be free to attend the meetings — with their children if they so wish.

In the Parish Rooms there will a supervised side-room for children. Does your comment imply disrespect towards people whose working lives are village-based, or whose family commitments make them village-based once school is out?

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