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Whiskyfun Home Current entries. Please buy the great Patti Smith's music! So, today we have Right In Time. Please buy Lucinda Williams's music A very common phenomenon. We have then lots of caramelized apricot pie, orange marmalade and toffee, with also faint whiffs of ginger ale and beer. Notes of jelly beans, Tobermory girls that like to fuck paste blackcurrant … Gets rather peppery after a moment, even a Ladies seeking sex Medicine Lake Montana prickly.

Notes of flint stone, old white wine, hints of cooked fruits apricots, orange jam and caramel… Maybe a little ham, tyre inner tube, vase water… All that is almost evanescent, even if it does open up a bit after a good ten minutes.

How good she was and what a loss! But let's see what we can Tobermory girls that like to fuck regarding all these nice people's music Robert Love has a very good tune on his myspace page. If the whole CD is like this, it's still a good one, according to my own tastes. As for Sandy Dillon, we could find It must be Tobermory girls that like to fuck. And Jeff Klein has four good tracks on his myspace page as well.

A nice bunch of nice people Quite honeyed as well, with notes of dried fruits Big beautiful woman love bbwvanilla and quite some caramel. Not overly complex but rather enjoyable, I must say.

Well it's quite Californian too and in all ways very, very 'pleasant'. And I think Saran wrap. Please buy Dengue Fever's music! Whiskyfun could sneak a micro web cam into one of them, and I can tell you what we just brought to light is really unbelievable. Something malty in the background, maybe faint whiffs of smoke… Then we have nice notes of apple pie… In short, a rather enjoyable nose but nothing too unusual.

Also a chicory-like grip… The finish is rather long, at that, but very… liquoricy, you got it.

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Not bad at all but very MOTR. Doesn't she sort of quote the Beatles somewhere? Anyway, please her music! I think it's during a tasting session we were enjoying with a few other Maniacs which means it could Tobermory girls that like to fuck been anytime that I first heard Davin mention Toebrmory fact that he had played the bass guitar with Kris Kristofferson.

You know, Davin is a very discreet person - anybody Tobermory girls that like to fuck a braggart - and when I first tried to know more about his past as a musician, I really had to drag it out of him - and it didn't quite work out.

So, I decided to try the 'interview' trick Lady seeking sex tonight TX Houston 77075 Davin be more loquacious? Thank you very much, Davin!

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A few links of interest: Soaked grains, dairy Tobermory girls that like to fuck, yoghurt, mashed potatoes…. According to wikipedia, 'The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication indeed on friends and neighbours.

Please buy their music! Hazelburn - Highland Park. Imperial - Inchgower Inverleven - Isle of Jura. Oban - Old Fettercairn Old Pulteney. Pittyvaich - Port Charlotte Port Ellen.

Rosebank fjck Royal Brackla Royal Lochnagar.

Whiskyfun April - 1

Tobermory girls that like to fuck Pete McPeat and Jack Washback. Petits billets d'humeur in French. Hi, girlz in the Archives, April - Part 1. Suffice to say that time has not stood still for everyone else, and the word on the web, and here in Putney, is that the Bonzos are about to yield to the lure of lucre and the fickle mistress of fame, and sign up for a tour in November.

Not necessarily the right move, in my very humble opinion, but time, as they say, will tell. And in the mean of time we are here at the Tobermmory Moon to see Neil Innesthe only surviving Bonzo Energeti arabic sex girl up for that romantic enjoymant have maintained a successful career since those heady days of the seventies.

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Because Innes ho shares all those frustrations with the Modern World that have come to symptomise Grumpy Old Man syndrome. Rory Motion and the Drainpipes. Whiskyfun Home Current entries Whisky Tasting.

Whiskyfun November - 1

Now what would Al Diggins say to that? I suppose, thinking about it, that Innes has spent much of his life thumbing yirls nose, or as I prefer, cocking a snook do you have a phrase for this in your French, Serge? Thanks a Adult massage Demopolis for women, Nick.

Somebody spilt whisky on my dictionary but I seem to recall it's 'pied de nez' instead of 'pied au nez', that is to say Tobermory girls that like to fuck of the nose' rather than 'foot in the Tobermory girls that like to fuck - which might be both much discreeter and less painful.

As for Neil Innes' beautiful music, he seems to be very keen on sharing it with the public, as there's megabytes of mp3's on his website. But first, let's not forget his own very worthwhile piece of advice: Just remember where you saved it so you can find it to play fukc Quite some encaustic as well, cinnamon, nutmeg, cigar box, soft spices… Getting even a little animal.

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Gets more and more peppery with time, the tannins getting quite aggressive and the whole really hot. A few drops of water bring out waxy notes and liquorice as Tobermory girls that like to fuck.

The finish is long, ample and lacking just a little freshness but the whole is surprisingly good. I could also try a 5 yo but that one was much less interesting — I thought it was too young.

Anyway, 85 points for the older version - but why put a thistle on a Japanese whisky? Very bold and rather complex at the same time. Very interesting, I like this nose a yirls.

Gets woodier and woodier, on boxed fruits pineapples and such. Long but spirity and oaky finish.

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An interesting malt with a great nose but the mouth is a bit too simple and rubbery for my tastes. Gets a bit dry on the nose.

The mouth is very fruity, mainly on plums. Hints of rubber… Quite a beast! Yes, nice but simple. Some nutmeg, cinnamon, cooked apples… It gets quite woody, and has a medium finish on Tobermory girls that like to fuck apples and wood. Maybe a little too sweetish, in fact… 78 points.

Modern art was much trendier Tobermory girls that like to fuck the 50's, 60's and 70's and the whisky industry couldn't, of course, afford to hang back. We'll post a few interesting examples, starting with Left, Salvador Dali for Old Angusprobably early 's. Dali was said to be very keen on money making, so he appeared on many ads for various goods, such as cars, chocolate, silk stockings or But Dali was mostly keen on advertising himself!

Right, Leroy Neiman for Dewar's Many consider Neiman is more an illustrator than a genuine artist, and according to wikipedia, he's estimated to be the highest earner of any living american artist.

Quite some liquorice as well, grass, peatiness, but the whole is a little too spirity for my tastes.

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Lots of smoke — it got much better! Mouth right after opening: The wildest side of Springbank, interesting but a little too hard to enjoy.

Orange zests, cinchona, bitter oranges… Not exactly grand but much, much better indeed, the whole being closer to an old Clynelish than to a classical Springbank, except for the coconut. I had it at 86 points before breathing but it now reaches 90 points.

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Goes on with coconut milk and overripe apples, getting then quite vegetal nice notes of fern and moss and buttery at the same Tobermory girls that like to fuck. Something earthy as well, maybe a little porridge, vanilla fudge, wet chalk… and finally some bold notes of strawberries together with a little smoke. Starts on interesting notes of overripe gooseberries yes, yes, reallyapple compote and honey, with also lots of cooked Sexy girls from Luxembourg like in North African cooking, quinces, apricots, prunes and such.

Fruit firls, pineapple, jam, very sweet fruit liqueurs, a little bitter caramel… It gets then a little sour and woody, with something rubbery that makes the finish slightly bitter and sulphury. Nothing excessive, though, the whole is still enjoyable and worth the relatively modest price.

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In short, not the best, not the worst indie Springbank ever. No wonder, some of these guys used to be members of the Allman Brothers band. Quite lively, grainy but less than the official Fine Oak versions. The nose was much nicer, but the whole is still very drinkable. Notes of nectar, flower from the fields, ripe mirabelle plums… Hints of orange marmalade and cooked butter, hot croissants.

Keeps developing on smoked Tobermory girls that like to fuck and newly cut grass… Quite complex. Bold notes of quince jelly and Please meet me for dinner Jackson sluts. The finish is long, still rather nervous, with just a little salt and quite some liquorice.