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Probably sometime around He was killed in I remember him daily. Gosney Compound was almost finished in Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone. Team 91 was still there at least until June 72 according to one of the Team 91 members. It looks like parts of it were Pawutcket around until or so according to the pictures on Google Earth.

It would be interesting to know how it was used all those years. Hello Dave, Thanks for the info. Do you know if his book ever came out? I would like to read it.

I Beautiful couple looking sex personals Lakewood finished the Willbanks book on the Battle of An Loc. I personally did not see the book and when I asked Mark about it via email I got no response.

I Searching Real Sex Dating Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone

Will have to check out the book on An Loc you mentioned. I tried to post a reply last week and it took a couple of days before it showed up. I sent Huntington sex sluts second post after I never saw the first one show up. Maybe just a glitch. All those you mentioned were still there, although Jim Hughes, SA was soon medevaced to Japan with a serious infection from tripping on the stairs to our new hooch in the BDQ compound.

He qas not back from Japan long before he derosed. Heard that he was then killed in a motorcycle accident. New SA was John Oliver? VC mortar squad tripped the ambush as we were setting up in broad daylight.

One VC KIA was a young boy, maybe Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone with a claymore strapped around his waist and the clicker in his pocket. Song Be was a good base. When I went back in 69 to the 2nd Brigade, 1st Cav our firebase was just outside town. Is Zippo still on line? He contacted me via e- mail. I am here in Bangkok but have not seen the answers to questions I posted. Yet,one cannot expect 24 hour service and I am posting from overseas.

From the time I came back from Vietnam through the end of the war I was always glued to the news searching for people I knew. I have often wondered what happened to the aide of the 5 th Division CG a young Lt. He was a good troop and I liked him a great deal. He answered back right away and said that things had gotten markedly worse in just a few months.

It was a sad day for all of us when Saigon fell. They had a lot of friends in Vietnam also having worked there for so many years. I was glued to the TV watching what was going on in our area Binh Duong, etc. Zippo, I Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone you comment high praise and am pleased to know that you think I performed Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone enough to deserve it.

After 45 years it is interesting to hear from everyone on this website. I agree with John and others. This site was established for vets of Looking for a great girl to start a friendship with to communicate with each other and I intend to continue to do just Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone.

Zippo was one of the last in country and spent time as a POW and has more in country time and knowledge than most. I served with Zippo and am thankful that is still abound to communicate with the rest of us.

I am still trying to put the pieces together and particularly what happened after I left. These current comments are extremely helpful. Thanks for your remarks, please keep the conversation going. Like Hal Moore had done. Anyway we spent about six hours in his garden Girls from New York agreed Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone walk the battlefield together but when I returned to do it a couple months later his senior aide came to see me and said the general had been poisoned.

They sent an impersonator for the shoot and then had my name on a picture of Sergeant W. I told the female political officer to get my name off of it and started a tad of a ruckus. The next morning they came to the little hotel to arrest me at six and I told them to come back at eight and chased them into the street.

The people smiled behind their hands and loved it. Anyway I spent six hours at the police station until Hanoi sent a colonel to apologize and send me back to Saigon.

He was young and he asked where General Tra was and I told him Tra was dead. Here was an intelligence colonel and an American had to tell him their hero was dead. One on one conversations between individuals are better done directly and not through the website. Zippo has more history for us, and i, for one, would like to hear it. That he is discussing his time in vietnam and subsequent to his capture is quite important to all of us.

We are former Team 70 MACV advisors speaking to those from the same team for the first time in over forty years. That I suppose is about as significant a purpose for any group to gather and Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone.

Since I served in Vietnam at least a part of every year from December to 12 Sex dating in southwell nottinghamshire excuse me if my experiences at times seem to cross-fertilize. Since nothing that happened to me in Vietnam bothers me I welcome any questions from anyone and excuse me if what time the chopper brought the mail was not one of the high points of my long service in our war.

But Glenn Kemp thanks for making sure I got it. During my visit last year I found everyone friendly and happy to see me.

Of course most of the ordinary people are younger and have no memory of the war. As you say, the officials are a different animal all together. I agree with John and others who greatly enjoy your postings. We all experienced different things while we were there, some more intensely than others, but we all have our Team Women seeking casual sex Annapolis Missouri experiences in common.

Mark This is Jim Wymer. Zippo ,let me know when it comes out. E mail me if necessary at thowes02 aol. I would like to read your book also. Is it out yet? Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone forward to your book. Been writing for years and got an advance and then publishing house violated the agreement by going by the due date because of their desire to have the last coup here included. My lawyer handled everything and I hope to finally have in again by end of year.

Let a lawyer handle all dealing with publishers. I look forward to it. Keep us all updated. YepDave Pattondistant relative. He and I wrestled with a JP -4 fire one night during a sapper attack. Got canned because he told his counterpart what he was doing was wrong and I thoughtPatton was right. Our counterparts felt they were being deserted and officers who had avoided Vietnam suddeny found they needed it on their record.

Even NCOS who had been in Vietnam for a long time were moving back to infantry assignments for promotion purposes. I knew him well which led to him saying he did not recall.

The RIF was on and suddenly fearful folks were vying for dwindling field assignments. Our club officer got his RIF notice at Laike. Getting that job was no career enhancer. Heck, Ed Carlson had been at Stanford before coming back to Vietnam but at least he had been there before. I volunteered to come back on active duty and go to Vietnam because I wanted to know if I could measure up. I hope I did.

And Single rich women in vancouver wa up you certainly did. Now run out there and kick that smoking satchel charge off that blivet of av-gas. Zip you are one of a rare breed and I always thought of you as Patton in an uniform. Different war but the same mindset. I was proud to serve beside you as you were a true warrior. I am anxious to read your book. What a kind thing to say. The thoughts of those beside you are far more important than anything a superior will ever utter.

Knew some of that history but did not know about Lull I never thought he was very reliable. You of course know that what you did saved the entire South from folding up by holding up the whole offensive. I never understood why you were. It awarded the CMH for your actions. Never sue your President my favorite President over those still missing,like Lull et al. Recommendation had fourteen eye witness statements including four generals.

I,of course,never saw it until a few years ago and a general in the Pentagon quietly sent me the entire packet. The book I am writing is a cause for concern among some but I have no sour grapes about the award. I leave that to Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone. Joined the army as a 17 year old high school dropout and retired as Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone major,I have never considered that a failure. Our camp was in the jungle near Kratie Kracheh.

Ed Carlson retired as a Colonel and after buying his dream home on Puget Sound died. Only rumors about Lull but communist general Tran Van Tra told me they had Lull but he was afraid to go to jail with me. Happy Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone know all is well and has ended well. Stay healthy and happy.

Glenn Kemp has just showed up on here also and he worked at Looking to pleasure a women tonight. He drove all night to visit me for my annual physical in Pensacola a few years ago.

Colonel Vinh ran out the front gate in his underwear and surrendered but we fought on for a few hours after I shot his fellow officer trying to lower the flag. The soldiers fought and fought well for three days. I served Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone Team 70 in Lai Khe Col. William H Miller Senior Advisor.

Do you remember who the G-2 was when you were there. Thanks for your response. We had a number of Vietnamese officers and some of the wives in our class. Most had family members in RVN and a number of them remained here in the states inasmuch as they had no where else to go.

Yes, they were lucky. Some of my current Vietnamese friends had to go through quite an ordeal camps, etc. Everyone was very friendly and helpful to me while I was there last year. Loved my time with BDQ. Yeah it was Ron Allgood G2. Anyway I hope he is well. Ron Allgood was a hell of a soldier. I seem to remember that Ron left the service before retirement to take custody of 100 free fat black women online dating kids after he found his wife treating his children horribly.

If you have info on Ron please let me know. Do you know when Allgood left Team 70? I started in G-2 in late January 70 when we were still at Lamson. There was no NCO at that time in G Hi Richard, I was in Song Be a couple of years ago with my Ladies looking nsa Ranson WestVirginia 25438. I even stayed overnight. The locals were very friendly and fascinated by us. The town is now a small town, complete with shops, restarants and hotel s.

The runway is there main road with shops on both sides. Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone was able take new pictures and match them up with my dads. I was even able to locate the approximate crash site and lay flowers. It was a very emotional journey buy it brought me much closure. Anyone able to guide me? He and a sergeant were with a company that was ambushed. They hit the ground, and he rolled on his side to get his out of its holster and was hit Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone an AK round.

The sergeant who was with him told me the story some years later. I joined the 8th Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone about the second week of September as a 1Lt. They were still talking about Holzer but I had forgotten his name. Preparing for a trip last summer to the Wall in D.

I took a picture of him name on the Wall — carry it with me on my phone. I still miss my M today. Curtis Rich… Carl Farren here.

Several years ago, I read an On-line article about Captain Kin. He often wore two VN Cross of Gallantry on his fatigues. While serving with the 1st Battalion, I was in several fire-fights, and Captain Kin?

I remember following him by running forward a short distant then down then up again and down to the front. Moving forward while all the firing and explosions were happening, but had to be there to call U.

The Article also mentioned that the Battalion really lost its effectiveness after loosing him. An ARVN traitor probably set them up for ambush like the April 2, ambush that decimated the 3rd? I was with the reaction force and had two U. Crews had no serious wounds but getting them and Hueys secured during the battle Cobra and F-4s runs was difficult.

Cav in Trapezoid, March Hi Richard, Thanks for the response. Sorry, I did receive your previuos response. I had Adult wants nsa Woodbourne your last name and thought it was a different Richard.

Thank you for your service.

Roberto Your reply made me realize that my timeline and sequence of events, as I remember, is away off base. I had to have worked with your father — I left for stateside 11 May I, specifically remember having a face to face conversation with the ASA in the trailing CH as I reiterated previously.

My memory is still trying to reconstruct these events. Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone Richard, My father was Capt. He was at Song Be Did you know him? I replied to you in April see previous messagesI got to Song Be about 1 month after that chopper went down. I was actually in Phouic Loc by the airstrip and fuel storage area — Where as your father was stationed actually inside the town of Song Be — a couple of miles down the road.

You can reach me directly Richardcg gmail. Sadly, I witnessed the crash. Hello Dave, Thanks for the response. I have seen aerial pictures of the crash site and read the accident report. I was even able to talk via email to one of the surviving crew members and get his account from Lady want nsa Allen the Chinook.

It was a very horrific sight. It brings me closer to Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone father when I speak to those who were Hey in colstrip for work and lonely him in Vietnam.

Especially those who were with him in his last days on earth.

Thank you again and thank you for your service and sacrifice, Regards, Robert Padron. Richard, Jerry Barrett here. Other members were Maj. I believe I know you. I met my wife and we saw Pawtuckft on the beach, I introduced you to her. Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone me know about this reunion in Louisville.

I had actually zero contact with any individuals outside of Song Be Sgt Bangi was on my team. My regiment Hdq was based in Chon Thon with a couple of Majors — their names escape me. I am still trying to replace my memory. I am strongly considering a road trip to Louisville from Pittsburgh, PA — if others will be going. E mail me direct. All is well here in PA. Has been very cold and we are getting some sleet and freezing rain Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone the moment.

Hello Mike, Chuck LaMons Algoma Michigan women fucking.

Hope you are well and happy. Will you be going to Counterparts reunion in April. Beautiful day in Hickory, NC.

Call when you can Larry Eagan is going to the Counterparts reunion.

Should be interesting with all branches represented. Very personal, almost family like. You were either Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone or Women want fuck park qt were out. In was good and out was out. Col Hayes brought several guys with him from his previous command. Always wondered what happened to MAJ Burke, too.

A very stark awakening for me as I got to the team mid-January and they all died in mid-February. My daughter, Diana, is in Vietnam. She wanted to see where her father, 1Lt Thomas Burke died.

She was 22 months old when he died and my other daughter was 3 months old. If you could email her it would be great. Diana Burke dlburke2 gmail. Yes I remember him being distinctly different. Well I hope boy went somewhere where he has lots of chickens and ducks to eat.

I would guess that COL Kampe got rid of him as soon as he took command. Kampe was a tough SA. Good to hear from you! It is certainly good to hear from so many of the old Team 70 crew. Bill and I have been here for a while Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone others have found the site. Great to reminisce about the old times and to know many of us are still around. Have not heard from Brooks or Munhall. Did have contact with Pete Privas, Engineer Advisor, a couple of years ago. My understanding was that Col Hayes owned that hotel.

It then my memory is distorted probably.

Jay, Friend request sent. Hope to Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone you in Louisville, KY at reunion in April. At the Star hotel with Carl Brooks at least once.

Have located you on Facebook but not sure if I have the right person. Tell me the first name of your wife Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone you list on Facebook. Wow miracles Beautiful adult sexy erotic german girls cease. Amazing my feeble mind can remember that did you ever visit the Star Hill hotel in Saigon?

Jay, I am in Arlington, TX. Had I known you were that close I would have looked you up. Had two more careers after retiring from army. Check me out on Facebook.

Jay, so good to hear from you. Where are you living and what are you doing these days? Have you heard from Carl Brooks? Hope you can make the reunion this year in Louisville.

Too darned old to work much. I trade the futures markets and play golf. When is the reunion and is there a site selected yet? Currently live in Austin Texas.

I pretty much lost track of everyone. I have to look up that reunion date etc. Anyone know what happened to Major Burke? Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone escorted his Hello pussy liquer here where arer you body back to the states when he was killed. There was some problem when he came back to Lai khe as I recall.

I left in July and never heard the outcome. Major Burke had a beautiful wife who was a professional singer. Seems like it was called the Contental or something. It was elegant then and still is now after some extensive remodeling over the last 45 years. Glad you had a worthwhile trip. I would love to go back. The whole expansion of the Saigon metropolitan area must seem unreal as would Highway I did a Google Earth search of the Lai Khe area a year or so ago and saw the roadway.

Going south out of Lai Khe toward Ben Cat was always chancy. There was a wood line several hundred meters right in front of that turn as you slowed down and we were always told to be aware of snipers.

The famous Iron Triangle was nearby and Ben Cat had a fierce reputation from before. It was that low cluster of huts in the distance. We never slowed down around there either.

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We all seem to have those same memories. That too will pass one of these days. Back then it was simply village to village. Hello Everyone, I just came back from a trip to Vietnam.

Quite a change after 45 years. Saigon Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone locals still call it that is a huge metropolis of 10 million that extends all the way up past what we knew at Phu Cuong.

Ben Cat is a big town that now goes way past Hwy 13 on the east. Hwy 13 is a 4 lane toll road that extends to the North past Lai Khe. The Lai Khe area has been extensively covered with Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone of a tall skinny tree that looks like they were planted 10 or 15 years ago. The roads Looking to get out of tulsa women on black friday lined with homes and businesses.

The Lai Khe of long ago is now just in my mind and my photo albums. It was a complete mental reset for me.

Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone

It was a good trip and I plan on going back again sometime. Any background would also help. Loved your book Curtis. Have read it three times.

My Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone is reading it now and likes it also. Best assignment I ever had was team All the men were great and sorry that I did get to meet you. God bless you and all the men of MACV teams. They were all warriors in the true meaning of war. William, Your thoughts echo of exactly.

There are many I may have met while I was in G-2 and never really knew the name at the time. Christmas of West Valley City Utah naked wives Team 70 was quite a memory.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Having Team 70 vets like it really makes me feel good.

I did not work in the MARS Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone. I was assigned to G4 and worked with Captains West and Brooks. I have never heard from either of those men. I have made contact with Cpt Munn and exchanged fyn but he is the only one that I had contact with that I have heard from. Was that Captain John West? I really liked him. Whenever I was at HQ Housewives wants sex Pleasant Garden looked him up.

We had many an intellectual discussion while sipping adult beverages. Or was it a war story? Hi this is Jay West. I was surprised to see your post. Was just reminiscing and found it.

Good to see some team 70 guys are still Pawtuckef.

Any Oone From Round Rock Nsa Discreet Fun

Wow I sure botched up my reply Pawthcket Curtis. I was at Tm 70 HQ and he may have been in the field with one of the Regiments.

I think Phonee have a couple of qt of Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone, the rocket dog, around here somewhere. Glad you made it back OK. I think you guys were in the hootch next to ours by the Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone facing the village.

Hey Flash, how the hell are you? Give me a shout and let me know. To Capt Gardner L. I served to I was rto Div. As I read these wonderful words of memory from all I am stunned at how really bad my memory is of those days of Pwatucket ago. Maybe next year we could all do Wash. Hello Robert, I certainly remember McCort. He was next to my space in our hooch.

I went to Saigon a couple of time with Paluch. I met with another vet the other day that I served with on Team 91 the next year.

It Nas so different talking to someone that was there and has common experiences. Lots of things come flooding back. I am the same Tom Howes. Now retired and living in Austin. Naughty woman want sex tonight Grove City heard back from Zippo but have heard from Glen Taylor in the last month.

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Hope all is well. Ken Wallingford lives near Austin but I have lost track of others. I visited Bill several times at his parents house shortly after we returned from Nam.

I believe Irl has passed. Don is at last I knew still in Acworth Georgia. Chuck in my time there I also served during Cedar Falls. Norm sure loved those Vietnamese in recon.

I just found this sight and was overjoyed to see your post. I was with you at team 70 in 66 to Bennett, Brooks and i shared a hooch together with Ernie Hemstockat least for a while.

I have a picture of you wearing my ranger beret outside my hooch before i went out in the field to relieve Davis after he got hit. I think of the team a lot. Brooks had a Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone on the 12 days of Christmas of which i can only remember up to 6 choppers Teen sex meetup Newark and then i got nothing.

Sure wish i could remember the rest. Sorry to hear brooks may be gone. He was a funny guy. I was also there in ceder falls and saw the remains of Norm. He was a good friend of mine, a funny guy always laughing and clowning around. I saw his name on the wall and with all the great memories and fun we had together i lost it. Do you remember a Capt. He was a medic and a great guy.

The last i heard he made Maj. I am interested in locating Oliver H. I ran across his name in a set of orders awarding him a CIB in October Taylor, one other thing …. I am and your husband is the person who came in with the king bees and Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone us out of Cambodia.

OMG I can hardly believe I heard from you. I have thought about you often over the years, I moved to Naples in and somehow I knew you lived here in Naples. I moved to Denver after I got out of Housewives looking hot sex Pine Hill Army inmanaged a Chevrolet Dealership for Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone years, retired in and moved to Lady seeking real sex Clarence-Rockland. My email addess is craigrmcgee hotmail.

I just moved into a brand new house along I in Estero, a new development called Tidewater by Del Webb. I am retired in Dallas Texas. Good to hear from you. It was surely a bad day when we lost Bob Boyd. I am glad you got your well deserved Bronze Star. I spent several years in Naples. We lived in WindStar. I plan to be down in Florida early next year. Please send me your contact information so we can get together. Craig, If you look back in the archives I think you name came up from some colleagues.

I still think you should tell the story of your Zippo. Craig, Do you remember a few years ago when I helped to reunite you with your Vietnam lighter? Maybe you want to share that story. I received the lighter and have told the story many times. Hello Karen Stith, Are you still using Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone same email that Larry was using? Larry and I spent quite a bit of time together on Team My husband Larry Stith was on Advisory team 70 from — Anyone who has any memories of him it would be greatly appreciated as he recently passed away.

Does anyone remember Vinnie DePaulo not sure about the spelling. This is Vinny DePaola. Just found this site yesterday. We spent some good times together during my short time in country Sept. Wish I had discovered the site sooner Women looking for men in Philadelphia Station we could have reconnected. Hope you are well. I was at the team HQ, Sr. I knew his SGT. We too were At the 5th Div Hqs just across the street from the Sr.

I left in Early December. I was there when President Kennedy was assinated and when the Vietnames President Diem Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone his brother was overthrown. Hope to hear from you soon. But, I will check with my family. I am a high school class mate of Capt. He was from Miami, Fl but I cannot find his burial place.

I have visited several other cemeteries in Miami but am unable to locate his grave site. I also have not found a military picture of him. I have pictures of Sammy from Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone high school.

Can anyone give me advise how I might find his grave site or locate pictures of him in service? I maybe reached at altownsel altownselinc. Hello Alphonso,My father was also in Team He died in and is also buried at Miami Memorial Park. I have heen to Miami Memorial Park many times over the last 48 years.

I do not remember ever seeing the gravesite of Capt. I will double check at their office next time I am there. Good luck in your search. We were both at the Team Headquarters in Bien Hoa. Is there any chance he was related to your family? Thank you for your Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone. You are correct Capt. I have recent information as to Down to Baton rouge fuck a granny tonight burial place and can soon confirm.

Again thank you for you Paw Lake male seeks lover. I was there that night when Sammy got killed Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone, it was feb 1st about 4 am or so. I was with the artillery liaison. Sgt Gregory Gray was also killed and 3 others wounded. A us tank save my life by a mere second. I was with capt Stewart Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone morning he lost his life.

Chat Saint Paul married ladies was feb 1stnot the 11th TET 68 sgtv68 aol. Sammys actions help save my life sgtv68 aol. Hello Jesus, I may be reached at rpadron99 aol. You can email at hgarcia87 hotmail.

Hello Jesus, My father was Capt. He was born on 30 April, in Matanzas, Cuba. He fled Cuba on 19, April, after the communist takeover. He returned to Cuba as a 2nd Lt. He was one of only a few to elude capture in the swamps and make it to the Colombian Embassy in Havana.

My father was good friends with another Cuban-American soldier, Cpt. Our families are still very close. God bless America and good luck on your book.

I wonder if your father was a Captain leading 2 companies of Mike Force in Binh Long province in ? I met a captain of Cuban descent who had been in the Bay of Pigs mess. They provided security around our air strip during a high threat time and also were inserted in the jungle to find a NVA hospital which turned out to be a regiment. I FACed the extraction and all but 3 were wounded or dead but all were extractred. Hello Lou, I am really sorry to hear about Larry Stith.

We had just started corresponding since he found this web site. I have a terrific picture of him working at his desk at Lai Khe. Condolences and best wishes to his family Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone all of us that knew him and worked with him during that sometimes dangerous time. It is with a heavy heart that will tell you that my friend and our brother Larry Stith, Team 70,has died. Funeral arrangements will follow.

He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. We both hit the floor very quickly. Some shrapnel actually went through my hootch so I might have been at the right place at the right time. When we communicated a few months ago we both remembered that day. We both really enjoyed it. Those are the type of things you always remember. Larry Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone a good friend and a terrific guy and will really be missed.

I hope his family is aware of this website. Hello, I was wondering if anyone served with my father Sgt Steven Zeller, he was an RTO with the 9th regional combat assistance team, advisory team 70 5th division Elkhorn NE wife swapping assistance team.

He was for sure there august to October but probably longer. The last name of Zeller sounds familiar. Hi Bob, thanks for the reply it gives me a place to start anyway. I remember some exciting experiences while a member of Team 70, But age and memory has caused me to forget the names of most of my friends and acquaintences from May God bless all of you who served.

Ken, hope you are well. Are you in Virginia? Should get together for a lunch one day. I did not work at the MARS station.

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I was the advisor to the 5th logistical BN. I left in December of and have since connected with Mike McMunn. Hope to make it in November but not sure at this time. Team 70 was the best assignment that I had in my 21 year military career and I was glad to have been part of the team. Hello Bill — You and I left the team just about the same time. Did you ever come into the G-2 office at Lai Khe for maps or to register a war trophy? We might have met. I Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone your name from somewhere and then I saw that you and I were on the same awards order dated 5 December Did you move on to another assignment or finally done with the Army?

I still had a year to go and moved further south back to Lam Son. Larry, I did ship a war trophy home and that must have been when I met you. I would remain in the army for another 8 years and I retired in with 21 years Discreet women Bridgeport for dating military service.

I have always considered my time with team 70 Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone the best assignment I ever had. I hope to attend the reunion but not sure at this point. The team members always worked well together and I considered the people in team 70 to be some of the best I have ever served with.

Please stay in touch and we may get to meet at the reunion. To Richard Gotchthanks for the reply — I cannot remember their names I hope we get to Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone in Nov. How long did it last? I really hope we can pull off a reunion in Nov.

For everyone reading this I had a reunion in New Jersey with one man and we asked a local VFW if we could use their facility and they let us. A captain replaced me as senior advisor and a Lt who jumped of the chopper that flew me out to Lam Son on my way state side.

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By chance do you know their names and if they made it out? I was advisor to 3rd Bn 7th Regt — I was with the 1st div. My other 1st Infantry team Pawtuucket were Maj. I was Sp4 Jerry Barrett.

The Corporate States of America — Steve Lovelace

McGowan once at Ft. Nsa fun or at this Pawtucket phone inbut had no contact with anyone from Tm Nsaa until I found this site in late They are planning a reunion in DC in November. I hope plans for phobe is posted on line. I was wondering if you were my replacement after I left in Feb and also if you remember my team member brothers? Any info on them? I would surely love to see and talk with them. I will be 70 yrs old in November and feel like I am living on borrowed time.

I live in Georgia. Want to talk Hope to meet new and old friends in November. Big Red One attached to Tm The other Tacoma wifes pussy were CPT.

Did you know any of these guys? I have lost contact since leaving Nam. It would me great to be able Pawtuckett talk with them.

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Good to see you on this site. Have a great Christmas and New Year. I joined the Team under fire while moving into Trung An outpost. The basic purpose of the site is for Team Vets to find each other. Many of the follow ups with former colleagues are done off the site and directly between individuals. In the tab Website Guidelines on the site home page is a recommendation to coordinate any reunion details directly among participants and not through the site.

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