Founded in 1949 by Mr. Adriano Minotti in Valpolicella Italy, is considered nowadays, the highest brand, premium product for modular kitchens worldwide.

In 2013 Minotticucine joined the Asso Group family. The group’s team is studying for a radical commercial restructuration both in Italy and especially abroad, with special attention to the protection of the brand, which was the subject in recent years of numerous imitation attempts. The new production is therefore now marked by particular characteristics for specific identification of the product, and the protection of its originality and quality.

Alberto Minotti will still be the designer and will continuing to transmit and impress his own style on new models, Ghea, Ausia, and Metha.

Minotticucine is in fact the worldwide reference in the kitchen design, thanks to its philosophy based on the values of visual silence, the objectivity of beauty and fashion beyond fashion. Minotticucine is always focused on the essentials of its expression, leaving no space for superfluous. The evolution of the product is bond to the detraction and brought the research of minimalism at the highest level in the world of kitchens. This is, and always will be, the philosophy of the company.