AGV is a one stop solution for all your modular kitchen requirements. We do everything it takes to create beautiful kitchen spaces that give you the ultimate cooking experience, from designing to manufacturing and installation. Our range of smart storage spaces, counter tops, kitchen hardware, accessories and appliances in the choicest selection of designs, materials and colours will spoil you for choice. We combine the principles of aesthetics, quality craftsmanship and production engineering to help you bring to reality, your dream kitchen!!!


AGV’s mission is to deliver customised premium kitchen spaces at rates that offer true value for money and designs that are based on the foundational concepts of quality, functionality and décor

AGV’s mission is to deliver premium kitchen that are customised to suit the unique tastes of every homemaker, at rates that offer true value for money and services that create customer delight. We intend to be the most reputable name in the modular kitchen industry and base every project on the pillars of quality, functionality and décor.

Core Values: Our core values are directed towards providing the best in class products and services that are focussed on creating a quality customer experience:


Our Range of Products:

We at AGV understand the importance of a well- managed and beautiful kitchen area and offer high quality Kitchen Furniture, Fixtures, Accessories, Tiles & Countertops and Appliances. Our contemporary kitchens are stylish and bold and are sure to reflect your style statement…

1.Kitchen Furniture:

Your kitchen centers around food and where there is food, there’s all the action. Your kitchen furniture sees its fair share of use from pantry cabinets to organisers to side stools and storage shelves. Our carcasses include frameworks, boxes and shelves that are made from marine ply BWP and are customised to suit the specifications and sizes of your personal kitchen requirements.

Cover those sturdy carcasses with brilliant finishes by choosing from an extensive collection of materials available in different colours and designs. Dress up your kitchen as per your lifestyle and expectations:

  • Laminates:  Opt for a laminate finish if you are looking out for a modular kitchen with a modern and zen-like feel. Laminates are in great demand due to their low pricing and the ability to add wonderful textures to a space. This material is easy to clean, has a high lifespan and is highly resistant to water and moisture. Available in matt and gloss finishes, laminates will make a dull kitchen dazzle with style
  • Venneers:  If you are looking to add tremendous spice, character and visual effects to your kitchen, Venneer would be an ideal finishing material choice. It lends a rich shade to the surroundings and hence is one of the prime reasons it is used to furnish kitchens. Venneer however is moderately resistant to water, humidity and UV rays and requires greater maintenance and care
  • Acrylic: We provide shutters of Acrylic material- a highly stable surface which is water-proof and bacteria resistant. These surfaces are unique as they allow light inside, have a bright appearance and yet provide privacy on the outside. This exciting product comes in a variety of designs and an amazing colour range. It has a lifespan which is double the time period than any other finish for your kitchen. Acrylic Shutters are extremely easy to clean and provide a modern, straight and clean look
  • Polyurethane (PU)- painted: PU-painted shutters impart the ultra-modern look to your kitchen. With a wide variety of designs and shades, these surfaces can easily blend with the interiors of the rest of your house. Resistant to chemicals and stains, the coatings are strong, provide a quality finish and prove to be an excellent choice for shutters

2.Kitchen Fixtures:

Pulls, handles, knobs, channels & hinges, sinks and faucets may seem like secondary elements but are in fact a great way to add decorative interest to an otherwise functional kitchen that displays your design aesthetics.

Kitchen fixtures are the most utilised products in your kitchen. You use the drawer or cabinet pulls, knobs, channels and hinges to access everything you have stored in the inner carcasses. Similarly the sink and faucets are utilised for everything from washing dishes to making the morning tea. The quality of such elements can impact your day-to-day tasks in a big way and their look can add great panache to your kitchen environment. Whether you’re into clean modern hardware or the rustic traditional look, we have the perfect fixture material and style to suit your preferences. With AGV, you can explore unique cabinet handles & knobs and other kitchen hardware that will add an element of charm to your modular kitchen.

3.Kitchen Accessories:

What makes a kitchen great is how well you organize it. Your kitchen stores a host of items like utensils, cutlery, sauces, oils, dressings, groceries, vegetables, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if everything you need is easy to locate and neatly arranged as per frequency of use?

Every kitchen needs systematic arrangement as per the area available and the usage patterns of the cook. Let AGV be your guide in helping you create innovative storage solutions that maximise your kitchen space and add order to your cooking environment. Our designers will help you choose from an assortment of 304 stainless steel baskets, compartments, sliders, racks, corner organisers, multi-utility kits, dish kits , paper and foil holders, etc so that you can make the most of the space you have.

4.Tiles and Countertops:

Backsplash tiles and countertops are the focal points in your kitchen and are the most vulnerable to be splattered with sauces, oils and other spilly ingredients. Hence we do know that clean up, maintenance, placement, quality and design are essential factors that you should consider while choosing the ideal material for such kitchen surfaces. AGV brings all the way from Italy, Lapitec- an inorganic ceramic surface composed of 100% natural materials, produced in full body slabs using an exclusive technology developed by Breton S.p.a. Lapitec ®. This material is super hydrophilic, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, anti-mould, fungus and anti-polluting. It washes away the organic atmospheric particles with a bactericidal effect and is completely ecological and recyclable.

Flexibility, quality, huge variety of combinations and colours together with the affordable prices make Lapitec the best available choice to furnish your kitchen counter tops and walls.

5.Kitchen Appliances:

The appliances in a kitchen are used to carry out your daily cooking chores. They are used regularly to store, chop, bake, blend or clean and hence you should always invest on such essential utilities.

AGV offers a wide range of chimneys, hobs, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and other additional items that are renowned globally, that blend with your kitchen style and make cooking a struggle-free affair

Why AGV?

We do not just focus on modular kitchens, but we look forward to create a warm cooking space- A kitchen that is responsive to the modern day needs of comfort, convenience and décor while at the same time capable of stimulating emotions that make working in the kitchen an absolute delight. Trust us to be your advocate from the initial design proposal, to enlisting and managing trades, right down to the final installation.

  • Our  team comprises of experienced kitchen specialists and expert technicians who make sure that your experience with us is both professional and pleasant
  • Our kitchen designs are custom made to your exact requirements and we put our best foot forward in delivering the best design proposals for your kitchen
  • We are the only company that offers you an extensive choice of not just Indian, but also Italian kitchens
  • With us, you can opt for modular components or complete kitchen design solutions
  • At the heart of all our kitchen designs is the science of ergonomics to make sure that your movements in the kitchen are optimized and that you exert minimum stress on your body while performing everyday kitchen activities
  • Every modular kitchen that we produce comes with a warranty of quality and excellence
  • All the wooden elements used in our designs comply with the ASTM standards
  • All our frame structures are made of steel and carry a life time warranty
  • Your kitchens will be fitted only with world-class hardware components
  • Over 100 colour and design options make sure that you never run out of choices
  • Your modular kitchen is manufactured at our indigenous plant using the latest machinery, by a highly able and professional team of workmen. The final output is both precise and sturdy in terms of design
  • Complete installation is supervised and checked by our quality control team
  • Our after sales services are designed to cater to all your queries and requirements post your purchase
  • Our showroom showcases the latest trends in kitchen designs and allows you to visualize the finished product first hand