Excellence Made in Italy:Lapitec® receives the 2014 Top Design Award (March 2014)

Lapitec has achieved the top design award 2014 of Arena Design-POZNAN in Poland.
The kitchen that won the 2014 Top Design Award was designed and built entirely in Lapitec®, utilizing three of the four collections offered by the company. The facade and the sides are in Vesuvio, the sink and the divider are in Lux and the counter is in Satin. The Lead Grey color is a choice that harmonizes the product, giving it an aesthetically compact appearance that is minimal and with an “industrial” mood. The unique physical-mechanical characteristics of Lapitec® allow for a workmanship of high aesthetic impact: the induction cooking counter is in fact located underneath the Lapitec® slab and is therefore completely invisible (if not for small, superficial incisions). The sturdiness of the material and the fact that it is easily worked on have allowed the kitchen to be equipped with light and elegant panels that give a strong sense of aesthetic continuity. Lapitec® is scratch proof, heat resistant, easy to clean with common detergents and even when exposed to sunlight is not susceptible to chromatic alterations. Lapitec® surfaces are pore free and therefore don’t stain, don’t absorb liquids and don’t allow mould or bacteria to set in.